I have a friend who is a smoker was looking for an alternative to it because he feels he is been getting tired of puffing cigarettes. Perhaps he needs something can get himself away from smoking. He tried everything from gums and other craps that promises you to be free from smoking, but all of these are no use.

I told my friend to why not try vaporizers. Well I am not well versed on vaporizers, but you can find many materials online pertaining to vaporizers. So, we both research and find out so many things about vaping. You can read the post here, just click the link

After gathering knowledge, we went down to a popular vape shop near our place. We got so many questions about vaping and we know that visiting one will enrich us with so much knowledge.

As we are going there, we meet another dude waiting in the door for something and ask us if we are new to vaping.  We are gladly escorted by the dude inside and introduced as to the attendant there.

We were greeted with smile by the attendant there and ask what she can do for us. We told her immediately that we want a vape and we are newbies. She immediately recommended us a crafty vaporizer. It was vaporizer and a comfortable one. She even taught us how to use it. She prepared everything the assembling of it and the putting it ready for use. She was so helpful in out quest to do vaping.

After the unboxing and tutorial of some sort. We paid the vaporizer for each of us and went own our ways. We were so happy with our purchase and tried the vaporizers right away when we reached home.

After a few months of using it we are accustomed to using it and we are a bit professional in handling the vape.